Vittorio Nocenzi

Today I am really happy to be here with you, because the opportunity to see the birth of a youth committee of UNESCO in Italy makes me hope, despite the non-naive age, that it may represent the birth of a strong change in the sensitivity of the nation towards our cultural heritage. Because you see, I deeply believe that beauty is also good, that aesthetics is combined with ethics, even if it seems only a linguistic assonance: beauty is also good, I am convinced, because beauty always brings us closer to
God. It is for this reason that in all human societies artists are allowed to be a little different, certainly because they are considered to be shamans who with their inner visions can look at the divine,
sometimes be the means, in a few words the dimension metaphysics of art goes beyond the concrete pragmatism that often makes men short-sighted if not blind. Nonetheless I seem to hear voices saying: – other priorities are … urgencies … – I want to cry instead, that culture today it’s an urgency like nothing else!
and so here we have to make reality the expectation of millions of Italians: that is, that our cultural heritage become our oil, wealth for the future of our nation and work for our children.
a heritage that can change the role of the Italian system in the  world, which can change relations with its international interlocutors: we have not passed, we must become the future for the world by reviving the great tradition of our past but with criteria inspired by the contemporary .
and that’s what we, my generation, have not been able to do »