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UNESCO Giovani and the Ministry of Education, University and Research create training workshops of excellence on the national heritage and activities of UNESCO.

Unesco giovani - Progetto scuole

The educational project for schools and universities ‘UNESCOEdu’, formulated by the Youth Association for UNESCO in agreement with the MIUR, provides for the realization of a program aimed at educational institutions, in order to broaden the knowledge of Italian students about the activities conducted by UNESCO and to stimulate greater awareness. The themes that are to be covered, using different tools and strategies according to the degree of education of the students, reflect the operational programs developed by UNESCO in the fields of Education, Communication and Information, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences and social and cultural issues.

The operative set is the school, the training laboratory par excellence, the place where knowledge and understanding can lead to integration. The goal is the assimilation and dissemination of UNESCO themes abiding to the right to study, to learn and against any form of exclusion.

The project is aimed at the three cycles of education: primary, secondary (divided by first and second degree) and finally higher education. The methods will be different:

  • A direct experimentation carried out in different learning environments (historical, archaeological, scientific) in production and research sectors, both for students and for teachers;
  • The realization of laboratories in the various Institutes and Schools in which the experimentation can be carried out;
  • The organization of an educational plan that provides explorative school trips on the territory, in order to gain insight and awareness of the peculiar riches of one’s own environment (natural, historical, social);
  • The promotion of a cycle of lessons open to young foreigners who recently moved to the country, to let them discover the culture and traditions of our country;
  • The organization of important meetings on an international level, in which prominent figures from the world of culture address the students, with the aim of an intergenerational and multicultural exchange.

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