21 Feb 2018

The Grand Tour of Italy with Google and UNESCO Giovani

Italian culture and know-how, but also art, architecture, music and food, have made Italy great in the world. Have you ever wondered how these masterpieces of the past have shaped the present in which we live today and how can they be a continuous source of inspiration for the future?

300 years ago the Grand Tour was a journey through the cities of art and culture of the Bel Paese, which few could afford. Today the discovery of the cultural treasures and traditions of Italy is reinterpreted through Google technology and the story of cultural institutions partners of the Google Cultural Institute, including the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice , the Academy of Fisiocritici, the Consortium for the Protection of the Palio of Siena, Outdoor Project, the Teatro Massimo of Palermo and made available for everyone in the Grand Tour of Italy. From Venice to Palermo, passing through Siena and Rome, you can embark on a digital journey on Google Arts & Culture among some of the cultural treasures of our country, relive timeless traditions, look closely at high resolution masterpieces and discover innovations that have changed for always the modern world.

“We put ourselves to work for the Google Grand Tour of Italy project because we are convinced that it brings together many of the points on which, as a Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, we are committing ourselves with energy and passion to more than a year “, was the comment by Paolo Petrocelli, President of the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO. “Innovation, communication of Italian cultural heritage and transmission to the digital native generation, but also the usability and accessibility of treasures and riches that make our cultural context one of the most precious in the world are our shared objectives in this fruitful collaboration. Technology and innovation are increasingly valuable tools for culture and it is our task to look to the future with openness making us young protagonists of a new history “.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Redeemer, discover its origins and history, or with a simple viewer Google Cardboard live the magic of the party and its fireworks in an all-round experience.

Experience the emotion of a tradition that shapes the life of an entire city, experiencing the preparations of the Palio di Siena, just as if you were there. In a click you arrive in Pienza and discover how a small town of 3 thousand inhabitants has given way to a new urban approach, then used in the larger modern cities, such as Brasilia. Stroll virtually through Rome and stop in front of the statue of Pasquino, discover the history of talking statues and Pasquinate, the forerunners of the most modern social media; enter the Teatro Massimo of Palermo, the largest lyrical theater building in Italy, and its innovations, once used exclusively by the city’s elite, and today a reference point open to all.

4 cities, 7 Cardboard tours, 25 videos, 21 Street View tours, 38 digital exhibitions, over 1300 images, photographs, videos and documents in Italian and English to discover curiosities, stories related to culture and entertainment, but also to science, urban development, innovations and much more, this is the Grand Tour of Italy.

In Venice, and in the coming months also in Siena, Rome and Palermo, this virtual journey becomes real with the aim of celebrating the treasures of the city but also of preparing the city and its inhabitants for an increasingly digital future. Come and visit us from 19th to 21st May at the Arsenale Nord, Tesa 94 (from 10 am to 8 pm) and you will have the chance to discover how these fascinating stories come to life through technology.

Enter the works of Canaletto, photographed at very high resolution with Art Camera and projected in full screen on the walls of the North Arsenal, and discover how these masterpieces are still studied today, to understand the phenomenon of the high water of Venice; immerse yourself in the revolution launched by Galileo in Piazza San Marco and take a leap in space thanks to Google Earth VR. Immerse yourself in 360 ° videos with the help of Daydream View or even test yourself with Tilt Brush to reinterpret the beauties of Venice and watch the works created by other visitors in virtual reality.

Not only that, but here we are planning to spread the digital skills and, through technology, make the new generations ready to seize the opportunities offered by the digital:

YouTube: for content creator and video maker, an afternoon of training and sharing is scheduled for today with KissandMakeup01, Marcello Ascani and Matcha Latte where to discover how to develop a strategy on YouTube from the first steps up to having a growing and passionate fan base .

Digital skills: if you are an entrepreneur and want to know more about how to use the web for your business, take part in one of the events we have planned together with the Venice Chamber of Commerce. From 17 to 18 May Digital tutors of Eccellenze in Digitale – the project of Unioncamere and Google for the digitization of small and medium enterprises – will stop at the Arsenale to help companies develop digital skills and start a dialogue on the economic opportunities of the network . To register for the seminars (or both) visit the “Events and courses” section of the website www.dl.camcom.it/

Start-up: Friday 19 May will be the turn of Google Design Sprint, a day entirely dedicated to the world of startups that, by applying the methodology of the Sprint design created by Google Venture and the support of 5 mentors, will have the ability to solve a problem for them relevant and test new ideas.