21 Sep 2018

Smart Communities need Smart Museum: UNESCO Youth and Artworks together for cultural tourism and museum

Smart Communities need Smart Museums, or a wide discussion among the stakeholders that make up the variegated panorama of cultural tourism and museums with a focus on Bologna. The workshop organized by Artplace and the UNESCO Youth Committee for Emilia-Romagna aims to offer innovation makers, entrepreneurs, digital start-ups, the third sector and public institutions an opportunity to discuss and discuss. Appointment Monday, May 16 at 15.00 at the headquarters of TIM #WCap Bologna.

Thanks to this initiative, all the subjects who, in various capacities and with various projects, deal with the topic, gathered together to discuss the technological implementation and not the cultural sector, are gathered together around a table.

Case study is, specifically, Bologna; the capital of Emilia, has ranked, within the Smart Culture & Travel Report 2014, the absolute first place nationally, and therefore represents an optimal scenario for the presentation of concrete and innovative projects of cultural digitization, such as Artplace Museum and My Unesco Mobile (virtuous examples of collaboration between the non-profit sector) and other experiences of 3.0 museums, under construction or in the construction phase, in the context of the Bologna area, particularly rich in heterogeneous museums.

Artplace Museum, in particular, is the first mobile portal for smartphones and tablets that allows each museum, art gallery and historic building to enhance their collections and their history by sharing it with the public, thanks to iBeacon technology. Thanks to the collaboration with the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO Emilia Romagna, the platform was chosen by the Bologna International Music Library Museum, to offer visitors an innovative tour experience. Non-random choice, as the Emilian capital in 2006 was declared by UNESCO as a Creative City of Music.

Visitors can then download the free Artplace Museum app – available on Android and Apple stores – to discover the Museum’s history and collections. Once you have entered it will be enough to activate the Bluetooth and explore the virtual tour to receive directly on your device multimedia content based on the position occupied, a sort of audio guide interactive and always updated at your fingertips. The contents of the beacons, in fact, can be managed in real time thanks to a simple control panel.

The synergy between Artplace Museum and the Young Unesco Committee was also realized in the creation of Mobile Young Unesco, the official app of the Committee (free download from the App Store and Play Store) first to contain all the Italian sites on the World Heritage list . A virtuous best practice, therefore, within the world of innovation that wants to be a reference model to be implemented and exported.

“Smart Communities need Smart Museums” is therefore the first stage of the road show in Bologna that will later involve Milan and Rome.

Artplace Museum and Artplace are products designed and developed by Mumble S.r.l., a digital startup based in Modena, founded in 2013 by three young people from Modena, Mattia Farina, Francesco Vellani and Giacomo Torricelli, whose team also includes Vittorio Cavani and Cristiano Grisogoni. The two projects were selected for TIM #Wcap, the business accelerator of the Telecom Italia Group. Mumble, a digital agency specialized in the management of social networks and in the creation of mobile applications and web platforms, works for important Italian and foreign brands, such as Hermès Paris, Beauty Star, Kontatto, FIVB and Radio Bruno.