Paolo Fresu

Thanks, I’m honored. The artist is a chosen one in some way but he also has a responsibility. Elected because it represents the metaphor of creativity, the metaphor of freedom in some way and today
creativity and freedom are two very important and very fragile things. But the artist also has a great responsibility, he must be a contemporary man, that is he must be the one who reads the reality of today, he metabolizes it and proposes it again through a language that is what he knows, the language of music, the language of painting , that of art. I do not know why three musicians were chosen as ambassadors today, surely there will be others who will represent the other languages of creativity in the future. But maybe it’s not random because the musician is the one who uses perhaps the most universal language, we always talk about it, we say that music is the universal language, but maybe it’s true because it’s the language that comes directly to the heart or the head, it depends on how one catches it, and arrives without barriers, it arrives here. I played in Brussels last night, but if I play in Africa or in another place, a strong message arrives, that everyone perceives as he wants and that he metabolizes in his own way once again. And so this flowing language, that moves, that everyone carries within himself, metabolize and then takes away from another part as a kind of unexpected gift, which can deliver to others, to their people is a demonstration of how much the music is a sort of internet ante
litteram, something that comes from a very old story that moves at the same speed. The sound moves with incredible speed but it is necessary that behind a sound there is a thought, a sort of photography.
That when I make a sound with the trumpet it is necessary that inside that sound there is a story to tell, a suffering, a joy, an emotion. Then I think that my task as Ambassador, like that of my colleagues should be to try to tell the beauty of the world through the sounds, the beauty of the world but also the ugliness of what we have. I was lucky to become a young musician in Sardinia, I was the son of a pastor, and I always tell everyone that music changed my life, it changed my life but not only because I am richer, but
because it has me allowed to know the world. Through music I went out, I could speak languages, I could meet people. And knowing the world offers the opportunity to get to know others, to know what
others have, what others can give. What we like about others and what we do not like, to understand through knowledge is easier to understand ourselves. The facts of Paris are emblematic, evidently what happened happened because there is not the knowledge of the other and therefore we do not trust our neighbor. It is thought that the other is simply different and when diversity should be our wealth, the differences become in some cases our suffering, our hatred. So, what can be my role as ambassador? It must be to tell the beautiful, to tell the emotion, to tell how much a note can feed me, how much a note can feed the others, how much a note can tell what sometimes the words are difficult and can not say, and that instead, through a direct, universal sound, like that of music, it can arrive. So I’m here for you, I thank you, I wish you a good time and since I play music coming from Africa, there is a beautiful African saying that says “you go fast alone, but when you are  together you go far “. So this is my wish for all of you, and for the Sardinians in particular that here is another wish for unity that is “Forza Paris”.