Simona Ferrante – Referente Giornate UNESCO

Born in 1989, she graduated in Economics and business organization with a specialization in Marketing, she is a cultural organizer. She currently works at the Consorzio Teatri di Bari where she deals with the organization and marketing of theatrical productions, national and regional theatrical projects. She likes listening to Fabi and various Italian songwriters. She actively engages in associations and volunteering.
Her favorite book is “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks.


Fundraising Coordination – Francesca Pollicini

Architect specialized in Cultural Management at the ESCP Paris Business School and the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, always with her notebook in hand at first to draw spaces, and now to capture ideas for cultural, artistic and heritage enhancement projects.

She has gained international experience in the field of corporate collections and cultural policies at ING Belgium and at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.
She works with the Superintendencies for Cultural Heritage and Activities on projects to promote and promote heritage and with cultural institutions to organize cultural events and European projects in support of the creative sector.

In 2016 she was selected for the project CRT Foundation Fundraising for Fundraising.

She loves traveling, reading and watching the world from underwater.

nicoletta di pinto Molise representative – Nicoletta Di Pinto

Thirtythree-year-old from Molise, graduated in archeology; specializing in diagnostics applied to cultural heritage and with a Master’s Degree in Standards for Museum Education is committed to making accessible to all our cultural heritage, often perceived as incomprehensible and distant.
She founded EduCult, which allows her to apply the multidisciplinary dialogue that characterizes her in informal education.
Inspired by the Charter of Children’s Rights to Art and Culture; deals with the design and implementation of activities aimed at ensuring full participation in the cultural and artistic life of the communities in which it operates so that art is not only pure contemplation, but also an instrument of intercultural exchange
between people. Convinced that Marvel is the seed from which knowledge is born.


Graphics – Marco Cerverizzo

Young Art Director at Officina Rambaldi. Graduated in Industrial Design, with over ten years of activities and projects carried out. He has gained important experience in the field of the enhancement of cultural heritage. Designer and expert in set design, he deals with innovative communication, rendering, ADV, environmental communication plans and web and app-device development. A lover of professional contests in the game of increasing his know-how, he participated in the finals for the creation of Widiba, the online bank of the MPS group in Milan and the Agol Award in Rome. Within the Zerobarriere brand, the Municipality of Matera has developed emotional, social and innovative layouts for accessible fruition with a view to design for all. Very fond of his land, Basilicata, he enjoys experimenting through the use of the latest technologies and videomapping, fun viral advertising plans.

Comunicazione – Lucia Pecorario

Multimedia journalist passionate about new languages and cultures with an international experience in communication, in Italy and in the United States.
She specialized in videojournalism at Columbia University in New York.

She has always dealt with social, political and cultural issues, on television and online. Since 2015 she has been a member of the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, of which she coordinates the national communication. In the coming months will be presented his first
documentary on the educational activities of a group of young people in Salvador Bahia in Brazil.

She is deeply convinced that new technologies have launched communication on new, fascinating and very powerful roads. Roads on which culture can and must also walk.

lucia Communication – Francesco Blasi

A viral creative, passionate about new technologies, social media and journalism. He is one of the founding members of Sud’Altro Consulting srl, a communication and consulting company, and of Riisi, a consortium company that offers innovative services integrated to companies.

Graduated in Social Communication Sciences, Masters in “Public & Parliamentary Affairs” and “Design and Communication for Cultural Heritage”. Trainer and business consultant, designer, social media manager. He is a journalist, Co-Director of the periodical “X100 Magazine”. He is involved in the world of associations, promoter and coordinator of educational projects. He loves Basilicata, where he lives, and its villages, historical novels and sport.

Liliana Mota

Founding members – Liliana Mota

Professional of humanitarian action at various institutions and international organizations. Specialized in protection of human rights, policies of socio-economic development, protection and preservation of historical-cultural heritage in armed conflicts. Double Master’s Degree in Economics and International Policies at the University of Lugano – Università Catolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. Humanitarian Affairs & Protection of Human Rights.

Giulia-SerinelliEducazione – Giulia Serinelli

Born in 1982, she graduated in Communication with specialization in Strategies and Management of Cultural Heritage and Events.

She deals with the management of major events, I worked for EXPO and for the Venice Film Festival.
She collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Agiscuola for the promotion of cinema and theater at school and founded “Ginger”, his event organization agency.
She has a great passion for theater and her favorite book is “Il Libro dell’Inquietudine” by Pessoa.





Virginia-CaimmiVice President – Virginia Caimmi

Translator, interpreter, expert in international and institutional communication, dreamer and entrepreneur.
MA in Foreign Languages for International Communication and Masters in International Relations and International Protection of Human Rights. Press office experience for various International Organizations.
Active in the world of international cooperation. Consider the languages as a precious means to decipher the world, the Other as a goal to know the true richness that is the encounter with the cultural diversity of which Italy shines in the eyes of the whole world. Since 2014 Vice President and co-founder of the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO
“Because aware of the profound value of sensitization to the protection of Beauty that we inherit in all its forms: unstoppable echo of a present that saves-looks at the past to give it, embellished, to the future.”

Antonio_LibonatiSecretary General – Antonio Libonati

30 years, lawyer. He works in the Senate as a legislative one, engaged above all in the “Constitutional Affairs” and “Cultural Heritage” sectors.
In 2014 he helped found the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, of which he assumes the office of Secretary General and Treasurer.
I have always tried to approach with simplicity, humility and irony the reality of life and work, knowing that change is mainly in the ropes of those who, even with little, are not satisfied. And above all do not give up. I deeply believe in the values of culture, beauty and education as drivers of real development for communities. Thanks to the Committee, I have 200 young people around Italy, with whom to share and develop this great project.

Antonio Libonati