Protection of heritage


The Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and Retake Roma + LUISS ENLABS for the promotion of urban decoration and civic awareness


The Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO supports the initiatives and ideals of collective responsibility and social cohesion for the protection of heritage promoted by Retake Roma + LUISS ENLABS.

Already known on the Roman territory for its activities, Retake Roma is a phenomenon spontaneously born by the will of some citizens aimed at urban redevelopment of the city of Rome and today configured as a non-profit organization.

Respecting the constitutional principle of subsidiarity, according to which the association’s commitment does not replace the work of the institutions but collaborates in a solid relationship with them, Retake Roma has already drafted a protocol with AMA, also concerning the use of labor specialized in PICS, a unit of the Municipal Police that intervenes together with AMA DECORO.

The Committee supports the pillars-principles of Retake Roma: training and communication to all citizens on the protection of the existing heritage, recovery of public spaces and goods that are in a state of degradation and abandonment, collaboration with institutions to promote projects of active citizenship and monitoring to report acts of vandalism.

Wakeup rome, crowdfunding, retake schools, adesivileaks are the main projects in progress of the organization, addressed to urban decorum, fundraising, voluntary work, education to legality among young people in schools and legal street art.

The aim of the cooperation between the Committee and Retake Roma is to create a solid civic conscience in Rome, leveraging on the importance of taking care of public spaces, so as to trigger a collaboration between citizens and institutions and form a city that respects common goods.