Demetrio Spagna

On April 30 2016, on the occasion of the “Youth and Culture” conference, the Youth Committee for UNESCO Calabria appointed Dr. Demetrio Spagna, President and Founder of the Museum of Musical Instrument (Mu.Stru.Mu.) of Reggio Calabria.

The Mu.Stru.Mu. suffered a terrible mafia attack 2 years ago. The night of November 4, 2013, in fact, the museum was the victim of an arson, which partially destroyed the structure and part of the ancient instruments on display, including an organ from the 1800s and the historical document archive. It was not an “any” fire, because it hit the Soul of Reggio Calabria, or its places of culture and aggregation. The structure founded by Dr. Demetrio Spain for over a decade has encouraged the growth and development of musical culture in this city and Calabria.

Finally, after years of fighting illegality and the ‘Ndrangheta, on April 25, 2016, the museum has reopened its doors to the public, thanks to the great effort of Dr. Spain and the young volunteers who
fought for its reopening.

The appointment of UNESCO Youth Committee ambassador on the International Day of the UNESCO Jazz has a special significance for our reality, as a testimony to the fight against the mafias and for the
promotion of a museum dedicated to music, a bulwark of resilience and resistance to the ‘ndrangheta, through culture and social commitment.

A person with unique values, a pillar of the struggle for legality and a lover of culture, a lover of jazz music and an expert in music therapy, Demetrius Spain is a strong symbol of the Unesco reality.

“To receive delegation to represent and report instances, dreams, desires, needs, aspirations, positivity of a group of young people such as you of the UNESCO Giovani Committee is for me a commitment to the ability to synthesis that I hope, where I have , to preserve long for spirit of service and gratitude. ”