Antonio Giuseppe Martiniello

The Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO – Regione Campania is proud to appoint as its Ambassador Antonio Giuseppe Martiniello, a young architect from Campania who has been able to combine art, technique and elegance, founding one of the most important architecture
studios in Naples on international panorama, Studio  Keller Architettura, able to export the best of Made in Italy outside the national borders. Not only an architect but also an entrepreneur, in the role of co-founder of the magnificent Made in Cloister project, born with a precise mission linked to urban regeneration in
the heart of Naples.

The Made in Cloister project started in 2012 with the restoration of the sixteenth-century cloister of the Church of Santa Caterina in Formiello – a rare example of Renaissance in Naples and Bourbon industrial archeology – which was in a state of total abandonment. The history of the place and its position have defined the project of reconversion: to recover part of the cultural heritage of the City to devote it to the revival of craft traditions, renewing them with a contemporary spirit through the realization of projects with
international artists and designers.
An important nucleus for Neapolitan commercial activities in the past centuries that returns to being “factory of doing”, combining social and artistic contents in a new sustainable key for the territory.
The motivation for the appointment of Antonio Giuseppe Martiniello Ambassador is in this: that his creativity, the innovation of his ideas and his concrete way of safeguarding and promoting our historical and artistic heritage and interacting with the community are the starting point and inspiration for our regional committee in the years to come.